GigaONE Campaign

For years, internet speeds have been increasing and our lives have gotten better because of it. But in a space cluttered with mega-this and tera-that, everything starts to sound the same – even if it is 40x faster. How do you communicate that GigaONE isn't just another blip on the screen, but a game changer? Easy, you change the conversation. Instead of speaking to what you'll get, you talk about the power of possibility.

GigaONE is the future of Cable ONE's high speed internet and the foundation of a new campaign that challenges customers to imagine, connect, create and dream about life in the "Gig-City."

Microsite is the place where the "Gig-City" comes to life. Where emotion meets fact and we get to unpack both the technical potential and the real-life opportunity of Cable ONE's revolutionary offering. In this teaser site, the mobile experience becomes a priority that reflects the shift in user behavior.

CableONE-microsite_01.png CableONE-microsite_02.png

Interactive Tools

Visually communicating the difference made by 40x the internet speeds was essential to the GigaONE story. So we made it simple and relatable. We illustrated what streaming Netflix or downloading birthday party pics would look like with GigaONE vs your average internet. The addition of a smart map shows what speeds are currently available in your area – and notifies customers when they can get GigaONE.


Display Ads

Value Messaging

Customers know Cable ONE's product is the fastest, but they also know that it costs extra dough. Instead of engaging in the competition's low price wars, we showed the true value. Now you can do more than ever – for a great price! Turns out, that's what customers really want.

CableONE-display_01.png CableONE-display_02.png CableONE-display_03.png

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