Phiten TV

Phiten, manufacturers of energy bracelets, approached LAVIDGE with a great opportunity: Create a commercial featuring Curtis Granderson, their new spokesperson, wearing the product and doing what he does best. The challenge for us came in the production. The spot was concepted to show Curtis playing several positions in Yankee Stadium at the same time. Unfortunately, the new Yankee stadium was still being built and we were to shoot Curtis (in one day) at the Yankee spring training facility in Florida. Our solution: A primarily green-screen shoot day with a Phantom camera, giving us the most flexibility in post-production to build a world around him. The result was a success for Phiten and a pleased Curtis Granderson. 

10-PHITEN-1151 MLB Concepts_rev4-2WEB.png 10-PHITEN-1151 MLB Concepts_rev4-3WEB.png

Phiten Print

Shot the same day as the TV shoot by the talented Blair Bunting, these retro-styled photos were based off a simple conversation between Blair and Bob Case of LAVIDGE over a snapshot of Roberto Clemente from the 1960s. Blair pulled off the entire print shoot in 15 minutes, leaving more time for Curtis to participate in the TV production. A truly great partnership resulting in some special shots.

_DSC6627WEB.jpg _DSC6688WEB.jpg _DSC6620WEB.jpg _DSC6660WEB.jpg

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